Bluestone Harmony Baptist Association and Ministries

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The mission of this body is to provide a religious organization with a headquarters complex so as to enhance the abilities of member churches to de greater ministry for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, there by equipping them for the perfecting of the Saints.  This organization is a ministry designed to assist the member churches in carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20)


Reverend James L. Moore, Moderator (Pastor, Lombardy Grove Baptist Church)
Reverend Eva B. Hurt, First Vice-Moderator (Pastor, High Bridge Baptist Church)
Reverend Michael Jackson, Second Vice-Moderator (Pastor, St. Matthew Baptist Church)
Reverend Patricia C. Barnette, Third Vice-Moderator (Pastor, Tussekiah Baptist Church)
Mrs. Peggy Fields, Secretary (Secretary, Greater Union Baptist Church)
Mrs. Jean Spain, Assistant Secretary (Member, Bluestone Baptist Church)
Mrs. LaFreda Ogburn, Treasurer (Member, Amity Baptist Church)
Mrs. Jacie Roberts, Assistant Treasurer (Member, Wharton Memorial Baptist Church)
Mrs. Yvonne Bass, Historian (Member, New Light Baptist Church)
Mrs. Maria Morse, Association Pianist (Lombardy Grove Baptist Church)


Mrs. Lettie W. Fuller, President
Deacon Charles Jones, Vice-President
Mrs. Janis T. Whitehead, Secretary
Mrs. Yvonne Bass, Assistant Secretary
Deacon Glanzy Spain, Jr., Treasurer
Reverend Dennis King, Assistant Treasurer

Clergy Ministry Officers

Reverend Charles Lee, Jr, President
Reverend Roger Dove, First Vice President
Reverend George Bell, Second Vice President
Reverend Pauline Stokes, Secretary
Reverend Jerry Carter, Assistant Secretary
Reverend Michael Jackson, Treasurer
Reverend Easter Jeffress, Chaplain
Reverend Loretta Bailey, Assistant Chaplain
Reverend L. Reginald Hurt, Sr., Parliamentarian


Deacon Charles E. Jones, President
Mr. Reginald S. Davis, Vice President
Deacon Glenn Reyes, Secretary
Deacon Walter Craig, Treasurer


Mrs. Dorothy Bell, President
.Mrs. Mabel Cruse,
Mrs. Wanda Morrison
Mrs. Ellen Williams, Assistant Secretary


Ms. Daisy Jones, President
Mrs. Claudia H. Lundy, First Vice – President
Deacon Charles E. Jones, Second Vice – President
Mrs. Jean Spain, Third Vice President
Reverend Melissa Hymon, Secretary
Mrs. Yvonne B. Bass, Assistant Secretary
Mrs. Irma Robertson, - Treasurer

Women’s Ministry

Reverend Jerry O. Carter, President
Mrs. Arlene Dailey, First Vice President
Mrs. Yvonne B. Bass, Second Vice President
Reverend Sandra Jones, Third Vice President
Mrs. Barbara Harried, Secretary
Mrs. Geraldine Bell, Assistant Secretary
Mrs. Janis Whitehead, Treasurer
Ms. Rosemary Hudson, Assistant Treasurer


Ms. Makayla Meredith, President
Ms. Destiny Hymon, Vice President
Assistant Secretary
Youth Pastor
Reverend Melissa Hymon

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